Caen Internship









JULY 2018

Each summer Alexandria and Caen, which are Sister Cities, exchange student interns who work at the respective City Halls of each city. The purpose of the internship is to give a young person the opportunity to represent his/her city while working and living in the other city, thereby strengthening the friendship between the two cities.  Caen is a city in Normandy, approximately two hours from Paris.  For more information about Caen, visit

Internship Description:

  • One month of full-time employment at the Caen City Hall as an English-speaking tour guide.  This involves memorizing historical information about City Hall and providing several tours per day to English-speaking tourists.
  • Stipend of 1100 euros provided by the Caen City Government;
  • Free housing provided in a university dorm or with a family arranged by the Caen-Alexandria Sister City Committee; intern must pay for meals, plane ticket, and local travel expenses.
  • Opportunities to meet and socialize with members of the Caen-Alexandria Sister City Committee.


  • Ability to speak, read, and understand French with ease;
  • Resident of the City of Alexandria;
  • Aged 18-21 yrs.;
  • Completion of at least one year of college.  Must be comfortable living independently in a dorm.
  • Good social and communication skills;
  • Excellent references;
  • Ability to cover travel expenses to and from Caen as well as in-country expenses.
  • Willingness to socialize with members of the Caen-Alexandria Sister City Committee.

DEADLINE: Applications and a current resume should be submitted online by April 10, 2018. Please feel free to email any questions to the general Alexandria-Caen Sister Cities Committee email address at

ONLINE APPLICATION FORM:  fill it out online.

NOTE:  This internship is contingent on the availability of funding from the City of Alexandria.    


City Welcomes Back Youth Ambassador

2011 Summer Internship in Caen

By Montie Martin of the Alexandria Gazette-Packet
Friday, September 16, 2011

Marie-Claire Mandolia, a rising junior at the University of Mary Washington, spent the month of July representing Alexandria as part of a sister city exchange program with Caen, France.

“I provided guided tours of Caen’s historic city hall,” said Mandolia. “Caen was the seat of power for William the Conqueror, and was one of the first cities liberated by the Allies in WW II.”

The relationship between historic Alexandria and Caen took shape under the stewardship of Mayor Charles Beatley, who first visited the city as a pilot in the 1970s. As a result, the Alexandria/Caen relationship is more than 30 years old.

“The basic purpose of the exchange program is to provide person-to-person contact,” said Kathleen Barnett, chairwoman of the Alexandria/Caen Sister City Committee. “We want someone who can put a face to Alexandria, while also benefiting as an individual from the experience.”

In the spirit of cooperation, Caen sent a representative to Alexandria for the month of July as well. Yohann Toude, a second-year engineering student, worked at the City’s Information Technology department.

“I discovered what it was like to work in America,” said Toude. “The sister city program is a great occasion for students like me to come to the USA, I wouldn’t be able to come without the internship.”

During his month-long stay, Toude was able to absorb the history, culture and people of Alexandria. “One thing is true about the USA, the people are very friendly,” said Toude. “I also had a chance to go to some concerts. I went to Tiffany’s Tavern for Burgers & Bluegrass. Bluegrass is really, really good! We have a French equivalent, old French music, but it is less popular than bluegrass in the USA.”

The experience of living in another culture, rather than simply touring, has helped make the sister city relationship beneficial for both sides of the Atlantic. “The importance of the sister city exchange program is on a person-to-person level,” said Mandolia. “It facilitates respect and understanding; it allows us to find common ground across cultures.”


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